I would send you a private note but I don't know how. I submitted this piece I would like you to read. I started writing two-years ago after I lost my mom. This was my first memoir and my first attempt at writing. I submitted it in the caregiver.com publication. That was months ago. I forgot all about it until they contacted me a couple of days ago. It was accepted. It's on my blog put it's on the very bottom. It needs some love. https://medium.com/illumination/how-do-you-describe-the-beauty-of-being-in-the-present-moment-and-not-knowing-you-were-6b7bed6075c0?source=friends_link&sk=03106b38411974b97a66bfecdefe46a2

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Writing has healed me in ways that I could have never imagined.

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