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After the demise of my mom, the sorrow I suffered from her loss reached the pit of my existence and a release of my inner child. Many days I had extreme despair and buckled to my knees in prayer to God. There was no one else who could save me.

I was crying out and saying, “I want my mommy” just like a child would do. All mothers know the sound of their children calling for them. It was a wailing of my childhood emotions. …

Jump with delight

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Thou shall call his name Jesus; for it is he that shall save his people from their sins” Matt. 1:21

Metaphysical definition. The I in man, the self, the directive power, the I Am identity. Jesus represents God’s ideas of man in expression; Christ is the idea in the absolute. Jesus Christ was the type of man, which includes all the mental phases through which man passes in demonstrating life’s problems. So we find Jesus Christ passing through all the trials, temptations, and mental variations of each of us, “yet without sin.” Metaphysical Bible Dictionary

Jesus Is Tested, in the Wilderness

Metaphysical meaning of temptation —…


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There are many things in one’s life, but not many are the love of your life — as well as the pillar of your existence. That pillar would be my daughter, Crystal. My daughter, Crystal, was born when I had just turned seventeen in 1970. What society judged as a mistake due to my age and her father being black — instead made her became the one and only complete love of my entire life. From the moment she was born, it confirmed to me she was God in action.

She was perfect and beautiful and full of affection and…

I do

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When I said I do and left everything, I knew
I never had a chance
You had your life already made, and your
surroundings were the same

I walked away and followed you
It was fine until I expressed what I felt inside
Many times my lonely feelings you denied

Get yourself a life, make new friends, you said
How can you understand the relationships that I
had developed that were far away?

I was grieving for my family that I left to start a new with you
Resentments I held within concerning the move I entered in

I was…


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The movie “One Night in Miami.”

“One Night in Miami” spends the bulk of its time in Malcolm X’s hotel suite, where the four men gather to celebrate Ali’s monumental victory — a celebration that turns into a long and sometimes contentious night of debate and discussion about each man’s place in the world in 1964, and what they’re doing to advance the cause of racial and social equality. Chicago Sun times

Malcolm has an intense vision. He needs Cassius Clay, Jim Brown, and Sam Cooke to understand his cause.

Malcolm is trying to raise Sam’s consciousness regarding his music…

Bernadette DeCarlo

Writing has healed me in ways that I could have never imagined.

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